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What is Yacht Management?

Simply put, yacht management is the support and advice given to owners, Captains, and crew which ensure that the yacht is being maintained and operated to the highest possible standard. Owners are then free to enjoy their time on board, knowing that every last detail is being addressed.

We offer support services capable of handling the full spectrum of yacht operations. The support ranges from logistics, financial reporting, and payroll services to the administration and training of crew. Our dedicated team has the specific knowledge and experience to deliver real solutions. This reduces downtime and lowers costs due to effective management. The end results are greater safety, enjoyment and peace of mind for the owner.

Management and Maintenance

VIAM offers tailored Yacht Management and Maintenance Plans. Our customized plans provide clients the peace of mind that their yacht is cared for professionally. Performing a regularly-scheduled maintenance program of detailing, system checks and diving services, will keep your boat in charter- ready condition. We believe that all of our boats are a reflection of our company. We provide an exceptionally high level of maintenance quality and management services.

Consultation and
Yacht Charter Services

We offer consultation and solutions in all aspects of the charter yacht industry. Our experts can direct clients in selecting the right yacht for their desired use, oversee the equipping and specification of the vessel for term charter, and the present the yacht to the charter brokers and the BVI yacht community. VIAM is experienced in the process of registering, certifying and establishing yachts as successful term charter operations in the BVIs. Let us discuss your particular yachting needs and determine how we can advise you.


VIAM’s Management and Maintenance Plan ensures all the routine and required monthly services are performed professionally and in a timely manner. VIAM’s Yacht Management and Maintenance Plans can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Our plans offer the short term flexibility of a time and materials basis or the security of a long term contract. For example, we could create a customized maintenance plan that includes the following services:

  • Daily – Exterior / Interior Inspection
  • Daily – Bilge and Electrical Checks
  • Weekly – Exterior / Interior Cleaning
  • Weekly – Plumbing / Environmental Controls Operation Checks
  • Monthly- Complete Systems Check with Emailed Updates
  • Monthly- Bottom Cleaning & Running Gear Check, E. Updates

  • Providing Crew Administration

    Assisting with the crew selection, crew training, crew support, payroll and much more

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