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Location, location, location!

That’s the most important part of creating the Villa of your dreams. We believe the BVIs are the perfect “spot” for a private or rental villa, vacation, or part-time residence. It’s the same qualities that makes the location idyllic that also makes it a little more difficult to “leave and let live”. Being absentee owners of term rental property ourselves enables us to be intimately aware of the unique circumstances that arise when you are away from your property for extended periods of time. Whether you are an absentee owner or someone who would rather enjoy the fruits and fun of ownership during your stay and not the challenges and chores of owning a home in the BVIs, we can help. Let VIAM provide you with excellent customer service and the quality of care you expect for your assets.

Whether you need onsite operational supervision during the construction and development of the property or you require continuous professional attention, VIAM’s cost-effective maintenance and management programs ensure our clients have all of the benefits of owning the property without the difficulties.

Our experience gained managing luxury villas and large private estates year-round in the BVIs has fostered the development of specialized preparations and preventions to be specifically implemented during inclement weather. VIAM’s professional services allow our clients to appreciate the seasonal changes in weather in the BVIs without the worry. When the weather turns foul, don’t let your attitude! Our team of skilled contractors and local operators can act quickly. Unfinished severe weather preparations? Or the weather suddenly changed and you need last minute assistance? Contact VIAM!

Our dedicated team has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, together with an extensive knowledge of luxury villa operations. VIAM has cost-effective and efficient management solutions for all property types from large private estates to small, short term vacation villas.

Let us assume the responsibility of every aspect of the villa’s operation, managing everything from landscaping, administration and home maintenance, to rental marketing, staffing, reservations and logistics. We want you to enjoy owning a lucrative rental investment while you are away and a well-run vacation villa during your stay. Our relationships in the BVI community are the pillar of support we rely on to give you the best of what the BVIs has to offer.

Villa Management Services

Delegate the management of your property to us so that you can relax and enjoy the pleasures of your beautiful villa. Our team of professionals offer a wide range of villa services at competitive rates.

Management of personal staff

We will ensure your villa is meticulously clean and tidy upon your arrival. Additionally, we can arrange for fresh tropical flowers and shop for your first days’ needs.

Providing a full service

VIAMs “Full Service” approach to directing the complete maintenance of the villa ensures no aspect goes overlooked. Managing everything from the landscaping and pools to assistance with utilities and other service providers.

Project Management

Need direction or consultation for a renovation or construction project? VIAM can advise on what local architects and builders are best suited for your location.


VIAM offers professional management services for yachts and villas

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