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Crew Services

We offer yacht crew recruitment, training and support.

A crewed charter yacht is only as good as its crew! Most charter yacht shows heavily emphasize meeting the crew. The boat is important. Its appearance, comfort, amenities, linen, outfitting and up to date creature comforts (including and, certainly not limited to, internet access) are certainly a piece of the charter yacht puzzle. But, unless you have properly trained crew, one yacht is just like the rest. Yacht manufacturers are not making charter yachts. It’s the crew that creates the charter experience on board the yacht.

We have managed and crewed luxury charter yachts for over 15 years. Our attention to detail and ability to assess our client’s needs is unsurpassed. Having junior crew on board our yachts helped us understand the need for crew training and continuing education. Obtaining the credentials needed to crew a charter yachts doesn’t teach you how to crew a luxury charter. Even Silver Service education doesn’t include all of the jobs required to successfully complete a luxury charter. We use our experience and expertise to teach our crew to anticipate their clients’ expectations, give the highest level of all on board services and create the holiday of a lifetime on your floating villa.

Yacht crew are expected to maintain all of the yacht’s mechanics, facilities and interior and exterior finishes as well as run a luxury bed and breakfast during charter. A happy crew is one with onshore support, confidence in their abilities, great tips and a good compensation package. We can help mitigate crew turnover and create a successful charter program with return clients and referrals that will continue for years to come. Our training program will help your crew understand how yacht maintenance decreases overall owner’s cost and excellent charters will create the revenue needed to support them and the yacht.

VIAM is uniquely positioned to provide a custom, asset management program. Our team is always available to assist and meet the complex demands of yacht ownership. With personal and immediate responses, we are committed to meeting client’s expectations.

Crew Administration

We assist our clients and their Captains with recruitment, training and background checking of all potential candidates. We ensure medical certificates are valid. We provide employment contracts on behalf of the yacht’s Owning Company (endorsed by applicable regulatory agencies), and administer payroll disbursement, health insurance and crew mail. When required or necessary we assist drug screening and incident intervention.


We will recruit and vet potential crew. Provide employment contracts between the crew and owners’ company. Our interaction includes payroll and bookkeeping, onshore assistance, assistance in yacht maintenance, logistics, provisioning and consistent training.


Our mentoring of crew directly addresses many of the causes of existing hidden crew costs and problems, including crew turnover, and helps to greatly reduce them. The crew of a yacht have a tremendous impact on the overall guest satisfaction and the experience of yachting. They are at the heart of yachting operations and those who feel their best interests are being looked after are more engaged and invest more discretionary effort into their position.



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