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About VIAM

VIAM was established with the idea to increase our clients’ fulfillment of ownership and to manage the challenges associated with absentee ownership of yachts and property in the British Virgin Islands.

We will keep you as informed and up to date as you desire. VIAM focuses on efficient and cost-effective management of our clients’ assets. We can develop a tailored program of use that focuses on revenue- generating weeks while maintaining availability on the calendar for our clients.

Our goal is to effectively manage our clients’ assets in order to maintain, protect and improve.

VIAM is owned and operated by Mark and Kristen Cochran. The British Virgin Islands is VIAM’S headquarters and our home. Living on Tortola has allowed us to create a network of dependable and skilled tradesmen that are crucial to properly maintaining yachts and real estate. We have a combined total of over thirty years’ experience managing yachts and real estate. Our experience crewing sailing charters on luxury yachts and maintaining villas for discerning clients has enable us to develop a unique set of skills and expertise.

Experienced yacht crew? We have operated as a captain, mate/chef team for 15 years on a variety of catamarans ranging in size from 57 to 75 feet. Currently, Mark holds a 500 Ton USCG Master’s License, while Kristen maintains a USCG OUPV operator’s license that she is upgrading to a higher rating.

Our years of providing luxury crewed sailing charters for guests and the knowledge gained from maintaining villas for discerning clients has helped us to develop our unique combination of skills and expertise.

VIAM - Virgin Island Asset Management has a history of yachts and villas under management in the BVIs. Consistently providing clients timely and cost-efficient solutions to their asset management needs has established our strong industry reputation. VIAM offers client services that can assist all owners of BVI- based yachts and villas. Need to reduce the challenges and expenses associated with the absentee ownership and upkeep of yachts and property in the British Virgin Islands? Contact VIAM.

Fee Schedule

Our fees are commensurate with the level of service required to meet the needs of our clients, and are competitive with industry standards. A sample budget customized to your needs will be produced upon request. Our customers’ satisfaction is key to the success of our business. Do not hesitate to tell us how we can improve the services we provide. Your feedback is very important!


VIAM offers professional management services for yachts and villas

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